Computer Troubleshooting

Do you have any computer problems? if you have tried to solve this problems then this post is very very important to you. this post ,you will learn computer troubleshooting.

Computer troubleshooting is a process of solving any issues of a computer. It is a process of identifying  any issues of a computer and solve them step by step. Most of a computer troubleshooting start with hardware. Hardware is a device which used to operate your computer.

In this post you will learn some tips and tricks for computer troubleshooting problems. Let’s see.

7 Basic Computer Troubleshooting Steps

1) To Troubleshoot a power supply issue

  • Check the Ac line
  • Check the power cord using a multimeter
  • Remove all power connections from various component
  • Short green and black wire slot of ATX connector using A wire and check if the SMPS fan is working check the output voltage
  • Check whether the SMPS, connected to the motherboard, is faulty

2) To Troubleshoot Motherboard errors

Computer Troubleshooting
  • Remove the power connection from the motherboard
  • Check all the connections on the motherboard
  • Restore the bios setting to default setting
  • Check the CMOS battery

3) To Troubleshoot RAM

what is computer troubleshooting?
  • Remove the RAM modules and insert them into the slot again and start the PC
  • If there is Multiple RAM module, insert the RAM module into another slot and start the pc.
  • there are multiple RAM modules, remove one RAM module and start the pc. If the PC is still giving Problems, remove the RAM modules one-by-one and check.
  • If none of these steps, replace the RAM module.

4) To Troubleshoot the HDD/ODD

  • Remove the connections to the motherboard and reconnect
  • Remove the power connection and reconnect
  • Check by connecting the Drive with another interface and power cable.
  • Check by connecting to a different SATA port on the motherboard
  • Remove the HDD/ODD and connect It to a different system. If the HDD/ODD still gives problems, replace it.

5) To Troubleshoot issues with monitor

  • Check the power connections to the monitor
  • Remove the monitor connection from the PC and Reconnect
  • Check the connector if any pin bends
  • Replace the interface cable

6) Troubleshoot issues with graphics card

  • Remove the graphics card from the slot on the motherboard clean the slot and reinsert it into the slot.
  • If there are multiple expansion slots, insert the graphics card into another slot. Clean the slot before inserting the card.

7) To Troubleshoot issues with the keyboard/mouse

  • Disconnect keyboard/ mouse from the PC and reconnect
  • Replace the keyboard/mouse

Computer troubleshooting shows following Signals

                      Signal           Possible Cause
No BeepPower supply bad or not plugged IN or Motherboard faulty
Continuous BeepKeyboard Stuck
Repeating Short BeepPower Supply Faulty
1 Long Beep followed by 1 short beepMotherboard Error
1 Long Beep, 2 Short BeepDisplay Card Faulty
1 Short Beep, Blank ScreenDisplay Cable or Display card
3 Beeps and Computer StopsRAM

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